Hillary seeks to set up Public Service Academy

U.S. Sen. Hillary Clinton said Saturday that, if elected president, she will call on "a new generation of Americans to serve." . . .

Clinton, who has been elected to the U.S. Senate twice from New York, said she wants to create a public service academy designed to inspire young Americans to serve others. . . . .

Has she heard of public policy schools? The Harris School at the University of Chicago, the Kennedy School at Harvard, Wharton's Public Policy and Management Department, etc. What does she think universities in general do regarding social science or public policy studies? What is her concern over the content of the classes at these places? Obviously the vast majority of faculty are liberals, but does she think that the Federal government needs more direct control over what is taught in these schools? This seems like an attempt by Clinton to have even more control over what is taught to students who are planning on making a career of working in government.

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Blogger Chris Myers Asch said...

Dr. Lott,

As a graduate of Duke University with a degree in public policy and the co-founder of the U.S. Public Service Academy movement, I have to disagree heartily with your dismissive entry about Sen. Clinton's recent proposal. While I understand your skepticism about Sen. Clinton, I urge you to look deeper into the idea. Though Sen. Clinton has been a leading spokeswoman for the issue, the movement to build the Academy extends far beyond her. Our strongest support has come from the military, particularly people involved with the military academies. They recognize how a national institution with a national mission would differ dramatically in substance and symbolism from existing colleges.

Please visit our website:
http://www.uspublicserviceacademy.org If you click on the "Learn more" tab, you also may download our Draft Blueprint.


8/03/2007 7:48 AM  
Blogger John Lott said...

Why isn't there enough competition for producing these students as it is? How is the Federal government going to keep politics out of whatever school they set up? They can't keep politics out of an academic panel that they set up. Why should this be any different?

I think that the military is a quite different question than social science disciplines. Sure politics can enter into the military, but at least politics is not quite as central to the military's mission.

8/03/2007 7:05 PM  

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