Debate continues at Iowa Public Universities over Arming Police

At the Iowa State forum, Stewart said that having campus police trained and certified to carry guns would help officers protect students. He said ISU police deserve the same level of protection as officers in other communities.

Warren Madden, ISU vice president of business and finance, said an armed police force could react more quickly to serious threats than other law enforcement agencies.

"Sometimes time is a critical element in responding to events," Madden said.

Herman Quirmbach, ISU associate professor of economics and a Democratic state senator from Ames, said arming campus police is not the answer to violence on campus. Rather, Quirmbach said, the university should identify students who may have violent tendencies and get them help.

Faculty at University of Northern Iowa and Iowa State University opposed letting police carry guns. The faculty at the University of Iowa voted "12-3 to support arming police." Well, the debate is heating up and the University Presidents have made their decisions even if they haven't been made public yet. One would hope that an economist such as Quirmbach would understand the notion of deterrence. In any case, why does he think that they will be successful in identifying those who will commit the attack (assuming that it is only students who will do it)? What do you do if you fail to identify those who want to do the attack?

Thanks to Richard Featherstone for sending this to me.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

These people should read the coroner's report from the Marc Lepine shootings at École Polytechnique in Montreal on Dec 6, 1989. (This is one of the main cases the politicians here in Canada used to justify vastly increasing gun control. They obviously ignored the report.)


The conclusions are especially telling - and very relevant in this context.

9/11/2007 11:09 PM  
Anonymous Mike said...

They actually oppose arming the police? How do such people manage to leave the house without exposing themselves to mortal danger each day? They surely haven't sufficient common sense to fill a thimble.

9/11/2007 11:14 PM  

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