Has Giuliani really changed on gun control?

Giuliani provides more details than he did before the NRA on one key point. I wish that he had provided more details earlier, but I still have to think about this reason.

In the interview, Giuliani said, "The case took a lot of twists and turns in the direction of trying to get a lot of information about the tracing of guns that would be used for private lawsuits" instead of solely for law enforcement purposes.

"I didn't anticipate that when I brought the case," he said.. . . . .

As I will explain in a piece that will come out soon, I am dubious that this is a serious change.

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Anonymous cbar10@hotmail.com said...

"Has Giuliani really changed on gun control?"

The short answer is "No". He is now trying to squeak by the NRA without making any real concessions, if one can consider that a change, but has been defensive as usual of his mistakenly equating gun control with crime control. So essentially he hasn't changed. One might even argue that his support for gun control is stronger than ever, since he had the chance to renounce it before the NRA and win their much-needed approval, but could only bring himself to equivocate, even under those circumstances.
Rudy didn't "say uncle" on the gun issue. I don't think he will, and I wouldn't trust him if he did.

9/27/2007 11:26 AM  

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