Futures Market predicts Gore wins Nobel Peace Prize

Pretty depressing, Well at least a British court ruled earlier this week that Gore's movie can only be shown to British School Children if they have been told about 11 false statements in it.

Al Gore, the former US vice-president, on Thursday overtook Barack Obama in a closely watched futures betting market on the next Democratic nominee fuelled by speculation that he would pick up the Nobel Peace Prize on Friday.

Although the Nobel committee never informs the winner in advance, online speculators drew energy from the fact that Mr Gore cancelled his attendance at a global warming event in San Francisco on Thursday night, citing an unspecified overseas event on global warming. . . . .

Nine of the Eleven errors that the British Court found with Gore's movie can be seen here:

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Anonymous Rod said...

Where did you get the mystical number of 11 "errors" from? The judge stated that there were 9 items where either there was insufficient evidence or where the evidence could be read in more than one way.
Where did you get the number eleven! Just looking at the image shows only 9 and surely you looked at it before you posted it?!?

10/19/2007 9:03 AM  

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