Anti-Mormon Push Poll May Have Been Done by Romney?

If this is true, it could end Romney's campaign:

Who would be behind such a thing, given that the risks to any campaign caught dragging religion into the race would be enormous? After an extensive investigation, Mark Hemingway of National Review has fingered a likely culprit: "Although the Romney campaign denies involvement, evidence points in its general direction."

Why? One plausible motive would be to gather data about public reaction to negative information about the Mormon Church. Another might be to arouse sympathy for Mr. Romney and provide him a needed pretext to give a major address on why voters should not factor in his Mormon religion when making their presidential decision.

the firm making the calls is the Utah-based Western Wats, which may have direct ties to the Romney campaign. Back in August, people in Iowa and New Hampshire who received unwanted telephone calls of a political nature were able to trace those calls back to Western Wats. The client paying Western Wats was Target Point Consulting, a firm that had been received $720,000 from the Romney campaign. Alex Gage, president of Target Point, has been identified in the media as "Romney's Data Cruncher" and part of "Mitt Romney's Inner Circle."

UPDATE: Hugh Hewitt has been all over this on his radio show and his guests have argued that it is most likely funded by George Soros.

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Blogger Jeff Fuller said...

It's a lie . . .


11/20/2007 4:50 AM  
Blogger juandos said...

Interestingly enough Professor Lott you aren't the only one questioning a possible connection between Western Wats and Mitt Romney...

Jonathan Martin at Politico also has noted that others see a possible connection too...

Western Wats publically claims: "We have never directly worked for the Romney campaign"...

This could be interesting...

11/20/2007 6:41 AM  
Anonymous Steve B said...

Given Romney's sterling character, I think that this conspiracy theory can be laid to rest.

I actually prefer Thompson, but Romney's strong points are his character and his real-world corporate experience.

11/22/2007 8:40 PM  

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