Radek Sikorski: shaking up the world

I got to know Radek some when I overlapped being at AEI with him. He is an awesome speaker. When discussing his travels through Afghanistan and fighting the Soviets during the 1980s, I wanted to go sign up and I would guess everyone else in the room felt the same way. This article will give you some rough idea of the type of person Radek is. I will confirm this: Radek will always do what it think is the right thing to do and there is no stronger supporter of freedom.

The people of Poland have spoken. Thankfully, they have dumped Jaroslaw Kaczynski and his xenophobic Law and Justice Party, or PiS, for Donald Tusk. Tusk is the head of the centrist, free-market Civic Platform, or PO. A bone of contention is former Defense Minister Radek Sikorski, now nominated to be Poland's foreign minister, whose appointment Kaczynski has been attempting to block. . . . .



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