Will Ferrell and Gun Control

I confess that I have always liked Will Ferrell's movies and have not only seen them in theaters, but I have also given DVDs to people. Well, not only has Ferrell been "deemed the worst celebrity signer" for autographs and apparently just not very friendly to his fans when they meet him, but he is also a big donor to gun control efforts. Apparently, other big contributors include actors Peter Weller and Amy Brenneman.

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Anonymous Bones said...

Pirated movies just got a tiny bit of vindication.


12/16/2007 12:45 AM  
Blogger James said...

I'm actually disappointed about Peter Weller. I loved him in Robocop and in the 5th season of 24, as well as a couple of other minor things he did over the years. I've seen him in a few interviews and he seemed like a cool guy. But wow, groups like the Brady Campaign are just dedicated to evil in a way that I have trouble wrapping my head around.

12/20/2007 12:38 AM  

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