Late breaking surge for Fred Thompson in Iowa

Thompson is all over the radio today (Hannity and Levin) and he is supposed to be on Hannity's show again tomorrow. Talk about a hint for who they think would be best. Peter Robinson has a nice discussion on Thompson here. Thompson might be surging at just the right time here.

UPDATE: Do you want some evidence that Thompson is doing better in Iowa? How about that someone felt the need to start pushing this rumor.

GOP presidential hopeful Fred Thompson said in an in-studio interview with KCCI-TV in Des Moines that there is no truth to rumors that his campaign will fold before New Hampshire if he doesn't have a strong showing in Iowa.

"That is absolutely made up out of whole cloth," said the former U.S. Senator from Tennessee.

Thompson said a rival campaign was likely the source of that rumor.

"Can you imagine such a thing in politics?" he asked.

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Blogger James said...

I live in Iowa and am leaning towards Thompson. I think he has one of the best records and I like his attitude.

For a while I was thinking Ron Paul, but I think he goes way overboard on the states rights stuff. That sort of logic is analogous to Giuliani's assertion that he needed to stomp on the 2nd Amendement in NYC, but that it is fine everywhere else. Paul often doesn't sound so much interested in protecting the constitution as he does in allowing every state to act like its own nation.

1/02/2008 8:26 PM  

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