Teaching hunting as a class in school?

Given all the benefits from hunting, this seems like an idea whose time has come:

CHARLESTON, W.VA. --A significant drop in the number of hunters in West Virginia has left a hole in the state's budget, and one lawmaker thinks he has a solution: allow children to receive hunter training in school.
Seventh- through ninth-graders could opt for instruction in topics ranging from survival skills to gun safety, but the weapons would have dummy ammunition or be disabled. Sen. Billy Wayne Bailey, who introduced the bill this month, doesn't envision students firing real guns during class time. . . .

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Blogger zeister said...

As a Canadian sportsman I can have sympathy for the suggestion. Such a course would expose youngsters to our firearms heritage without danger. Of course this would be opposed by the anti-firearms ownership lobby but then they are urban based and most come from cultures that do not include firearms. Thank heavens our cadet corps programme still gives our young people a chance to try firearms in a competitive milieu.

2/01/2008 11:02 AM  

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