Oakland moves to search people's homes for guns

Unless they are going to take the guns from people's homes, I am not sure how searching people's homes will get guns off the streets.

OAKLAND — City Councilmembers Patricia Kernighan (Grand Lake-Chinatown) and Desley Brooks (Eastmont-Seminary) asked the Oakland Police Department this week to formulate a plan to get guns off the street by having officers request permission to search residents' homes for weapons.. . . .

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

What I find interesting is the language that is employed. As with gun buy back programs, they are "taking guns off the street."

Consider for a moment the fact that there is a black market for certain prescription drugs. If the police were to institute a prescription drug buy back program, would we be entertaining the idea that prescription drugs are being "taken off the street"?

Of course not.

2/25/2008 11:56 AM  

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