Week 3 of Roger's Eagle Project

Well, he finished! These are pictures from the last day of Roger's Eagle Scout project. It went well, but in contrast to the two previous outings we had few people show up. Still it was fun and it was nice to spend some time with Roger while he was finishing up the project.



Stage 2 of Roger's Eagle Project

Today's task was building a path, cleaning up some graffiti, and putting up a sign for the park. The work wasn't anywhere near as physically demanding as last week, but it was fun. There were probably 8 young scouts. They were at it from 9 AM to 3 PM.



Some pictures from Roger's Eagle Scout Project

My son Roger did the first half of his Boy Scout project today. It went well today. Today mainly involved planting seven trees in a local park. Boy, those trees were heavy! Here are some pictures of everyone at work and then eating pizza during a break.



Sunday: My son Roger does his Eagle Project

This Sunday my son Roger starts his eagle project for Scouts. Maxin did his Eagle project a few years ago. It is always impressive to see these Scouts organize their projects. Roger had to work hard to get the approval for his project through the different government officials in town. After helping plant all the trees and putting up the sign to the park, I may be pretty sore on Monday, but I will also be very proud of Roger.