The risks of robbing a store: Sometimes the store owners are armed

Feb. 28, 2005 Pawn Shop Shoot-Out
Bruce Sales owns Duval Gun and Pawn in downtown Macclenny. . . . Sales says, "Had a gun in his hands and started yelling at me to get on my knees and put a pillow case over my head." . . . Sales says, "He had already told me he was going to kill me so I shot him, or I shot at him." . . . The gun shots however, were enough to scare the suspect out of the store.. . . [The robber] is in the Baker County jail for the pawn shop robbery. He is facing numerous charges including armed robbery. Police say he has a lengthy criminal history, including two homicide arrests.

Feb. 26, 2005 Dateline Alabama
The robbers started shooting and then the clerk grabbed a gun and fired back, Lopez said. . . . About 10 people had been in the store. "The (clerk) did a good job. He saved us," Lopez said. "He saved my kid. He saved our lives."

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