Terrorists and Guns

My lastest article today with Sonya Jones in Investors' Business Daily, "If Gun Background Checks Don't Work, Will 'Watch Lists' Be Any More Effective?" can be found here.

I will also be appearing on MSNBC today from noon to at least 12:20 to debate Michael Barnes from the Brady Campaign on the recent multiple victim public shootings.

UPDATE: Something very unusual happened after the show on MSNBC, I got calls from two reporters saying what a good job that they thought that I had done. One from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch said that while he agreed with Barnes on the issues, "if the only thing that I had to go on was today's program, I would have to agree with you." Both reporters said that they were disappointed by Barnes obnoxious and aggressive behavior. These calls could have been from friends of mine in terms of content, but they were from two reporters I didn't know and who were not naturally inclined to agree with me. They were simply upset enough by the personal attacks that they wanted to call me up.

UPDATE: The op-ed with Sonya has generated an unusual number of positive emails. Thanks.

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