Democrats change registration of fake website used to support gun control policies

On August 3rd I posted some information that appears to indicate that Democrats had set up what appears to be a gun owners website that advocates some of the Democrats favorite gun control regulations. In some ways this site reminds me of the fradulent website that gun control advocates set up during 2003 where they pretended to be me and send out emails under my name. A friend of mine has done some additional searching today about the www.huntersandshooters.com website and sent me an update indicating that some aspects of the site's registration have been changing:

"1. The web site huntersandshooters.com is presently (8-5-2005) registered
through GoDaddy.com to one Robert Ricker at a PO box in Frederick, MD. . . .

4. [This friend] can confirm that "the" Ricker has indeed shown up to give anti-gun
testimony before legislative committees in Annapolis, as recently as the
most recent session (which ended in April.) He has a Maryland connection.

5. . . . [This friend now finds] at least one anti-gun group link to huntersandshooters.com."

Ken Maurer writes me that:

"First, Bob Ricker is listed on the web site as one of their Executive Director, complete with a bio that reads as if he's one of the movers and shakers of "the gun lobby". Jody Powell (from Carter's White House staff) is also listed as one of their leaders, while Joe Rosenthal is listed as their Foundation Director. (This probably means that anyone trying to follow the money trail would discover he's the primary funder of the effort.) Finally, while both have been changed to Bob Ricker now as you indicated, when I checked their "whois" information on 8/1 the administrative and technical contacts for their site were listed as being DCCongressional."

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