Congress passes lawsuit limits against gun makers 283-144

1) Congress passes lawsuit limits against gun makers 283-144, Bill goes to President for his signature.

2) Presumably ones statements have to be at least a little close to the true to be believable. Besides making predictions that never seem to be borne out, how can anyone believe that the gun industry is "unregulated"?

"This legislation will make the unregulated gun industry the most pampered industry in America," said Kristen Rand, director of the Violence Policy Center.

3) Obviously it isn't a scientific survey, but what interests me is the question that AOL is asking about gun regulations

Overall, what do you think of the nation's gun laws?
Too loose 38%
Too restrictive 35%
Just right 27%
Total Votes: 90,232

What is surprising is that the survey actually allows people to say that the rules are too restrictive. Things have begun to chnage a little, but for the decade and a half that I studied in my book, The Bias Against Guns, I could not find any questions that allowed people to say that there were benefits from owning guns. This question does exactly fit into that issue, but the way it is asked and the fact that virtually identical numbers of people say that we have laws that are "too loose" and "too restrictive" is interesting.

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