Blackwell and Swan wins in Ohio and Pennsylvania would create huge change in American Politics

Personally, I can't think of two more important races this year than those by Blackwell and Swan. Both are smart, articulate conservative candidates. They could be the future Ronald Reagans in the party.

"Ken Blackwell in Ohio and Lynn Swann in Pennsylvania lead polls of Republicans in advance of spring primaries. Both are mega-swing states where the governorship is what matters since the chief executive controls patronage, judicial appointments and multibillion-dollar budgets. The key for the Republican Party's future is not so much whether Blackwell and Swann win in November -- although that would be a heck of a statement -- but if they win the primaries in which the electorate is virtually all white" -- Peter Brown, assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Polling Institute

Thomas Sowell has a great piece on Blackwell's race.


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