54% of Canadians Support Scrapping Gun Registry

A new Ipso-Reid survey for CanWest/Global News reports that most Canadians (54%) feel the “gun registry is badly organized, isn’t working properly, and should be scrapped” – a level of opinion essentially unchanged from what was recorded nearly four years, and two Prime Ministers ago (53% expressed this opinion in a December 2002 Ipsos Reid survey).

Professor Gary Mauser, from Simon Fraser University is not surprised by the results. "The expected Auditor General's report will probably peg the cost of the firearms registry at over two billion dollars," stated Mauser. "This cost is exorbitant but that is not the worst problem with the registry. The Liberal government hid the true costs from Parliament, so the public could not discover the the real cost."

"Even worse, the registry did nothing to improve public safety and may even have made Canadians less safe. Since 1998, when the registry was introduced, homicide rates have increased, while both violent crime rates and suicide rates have remained stubbornly stable. The worst is that the registry vacuumed money from other programs -- like hiring more police officers and putting violent criminals in jail longer -- that might actually have done some good," concluded Mauser. . . . .

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Blogger saturdaynightspecial said...

Gun lists (registries) serve only one purpose: to allow government the ability to confiscate weapons from citizens. It allows for governments to do this whenever it acquires the need to ban firearms. The lists also serve to make the bans easy. Usually they start out under the guise of fighting crime, but criminals don't register weapons, only law-abiding citizens do that. Always oppose lists, permits and gun licenses - they serve only to make future gun bans convenient by forcing law-abiding citizens to register their guns or requiring gun permits which leaves a paper trail of gun owners for the government. Gun bans, restrictions or limits on gun possession don't make us safer - they make us less safe by disarming the good guys and leaving the bad guys armed. If you own a firearm used during the war for independence or the civil war never register it or apply for a license for it - never!

5/16/2006 5:59 PM  

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