Americans support National Guard at Border


Blogger RedBlooded American Guy said...

I must say we are all immigrants to this beautiful country...All of our ancestors came over on boats, or even crossed the border for some of us...Which is probably just as well. I think as soon as 9-11-2001 happened, the borders should have been sealed like a Tupperware Bowl. I believe a Fortified Wall should have been put in place with Guard Towers every 500 yards & Two Expert Qualified Marksman Guards in every tower armed with .308 caliber rifles...I think President Bush has done a miniscule job as the leader of our country, I served in the Army...You don't Implement an attack before you have secured your perimeter...I feel that the BORDERS SHOULD BE SECURED FIRST & FORMOST...The Illegals that are here, should become natural citizens...The rest should be able to apply for citizenship as in the past...Why is it that the Government can tell natural tax paying citizens there is a cut-off date for Medicare...But it can't tell people that don't belong..."To go back to where they are a citizen" LOL...Where did all the trailblazers go?

5/22/2006 7:03 PM  

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