Ohio Legislation Would Pre-empt Local Gun Laws

A potential change to Ohio's concealed-carry law is raising concerns for the mayor of Columbus.

When it became possible for Ohioans to carry a concealed weapon with a permit, Columbus Mayor Mike Coleman made a move to keep the weapons out of city parks. Some new changes being considered at the statehouse would call for statewide gun laws only, and no city gun laws. "I think the citizens have a lot to be worried about," Coleman said.

Coleman said he believes that city leaders should be able to make decisions about how firearms can be used within their city boundaries.

"We need to have the ability and use . . . the ability to protect our citizens, and have the ability to do so. And the state legislature's taking that ability and that right away from cities," Coleman said.

The sponsor of the bill, Rep. Jim Aslanides of Coshocton, said that if gun laws are made only at the state level, gun owners will be better able to be aware of them and comply. . . .

Possibly Columbus should try having its own traffic laws. Possibly all the counties and cities in Ohio should have their own traffic laws. After all, traffic laws affect people's safety.


Blogger saturdaynightspecial said...

They're insane; they know what's best for us. Imagine everywhere you go the insane are looking out for your safety, especially in the Columbus, Ohio city parks - they're so thoughtful - are they that thoughtful in New York city's Central Park too?

There are so many different laws in different locales it's almost a valid defense in court - "I didn't know". Are we to assume everything is banned everywhere we go? Foi Gras is banned in Chicago - does that mean you shouldn't risk eating it in Columbus? They're trying to ban anger too (yea!)

Columbus, Ohio banned the annual NRA convention; this was a good thing for me because it brought the convention to Milwaukee where it was easy for me and my family to attend.

5/21/2006 2:07 AM  
Blogger RedBlooded American Guy said...

I think Mr. Coleman being the law enforcement guru he is should be given a BADGE,& a GUN. He is trying to save the world from its self it seems...Why would a person with a non-criminal background go on a shooting spree in the local park, After going through a thorough background check & extensive training to properly handle a firearm...I guess simple logic & faith in his fellow man, simply eludes Mr Coleman.

5/22/2006 7:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Talk to a local sheriff deputy or township deputy. They will all say the same thing. They do not and can not protect....they can only respond to a crime and attempt to solve and make arrests after the effect. They can not be with each individual 24/7 to ensure their safety. It is the responsibility of the individual to provide for their own safety.....through their diligence, their awareness, their ability to avoid situations where they are at danger....and yes through their own ability to evade, run, or when given no other choice to protect themselves with appropriate force. This is where the CCW comes into play. CCW carriers are not crazy people looking for a person to shoot. They are aware that in the end....their safety is up to there own ability and capability. Criminals will always have weapons....because they do not care to follow the laws. The grave yard is full of those who plead for mercy just before they were killed at the hands of a drug crazed criminal. I chose to defend my self and my family when faced with that reality. I also carry because of the rising threat that we will see "home grown" terrorists who will not be suicidal. They are going to want to live. Therefore, they will either set a bomb and leave (in which you can not do anything to protect) or they will open up on a crowd with semi automatic weapons…..where I want to be able to respond rather then cower under cover. Just because I have a CCW does not mean that I will ever draw my weapon. It means then when faced with a life or death situation…..I can and will defend myself and my family. What is so radical and insane about that?

11/07/2006 3:02 PM  

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