"Chicago took 1st shot: '98 gun sting like [Bloomberg], but misfired in courtroom"

Mayor Bloomberg isn't the first big-city boss to pull a sting operation on gun dealers.
In a 1998 probe dubbed Operation Gunsmoke, Chicago Mayor Richard Daley had undercover cops posing as gang members go into area gun stores.

Grainy video shot by investigators seemed to show gun merchants gladly allowing straw purchases - the practice of legally authorized citizens buying guns for others.

The sting was a public relations success, with footage shown on "60 Minutes" and elsewhere. But the operation had less success in court, where it was used in a civil case and several criminal prosecutions.

"It failed because they were unable to show the dealers willfully did anything wrong," said John Lott, a former University of Chicago law professor and the author of controversial books "More Guns, Less Crime" and "The Bias Against Guns." . . .

There was one conviction, but that was a plea bargain where the company agreed to go out of business but they were going out of business anyway and they agreed to this just to save legal costs.


Blogger saturdaynightspecial said...

In Illinois we live under dictatorship, but when we enter Chicago (we are at this time allowed to enter without asking permission) the rules and restrictions worsen. I could show pictures of the fences and closed gates that block access. It's no longer a free society - I can prove it - sometimes I use my phone to beg government workers to open the gates; when they offer reasons for refusing my pleas I beg a little more and then, if I'm lucky, they let me in. But it's not just city employees, it's government cheerleaders too that harass anyone who appears to defy orders from the leader. Just like Hitler's gestapo these individuals roam the streets inciting people to defend themselves in the hope of getting police to arrest them.

When ever I feel like we have been abandoned I send out e-mails: SOS, or send help, Illinois.

If I could I would wrap chains around the ankles of this dictator and hoist him up in the plaza and let him hang there until his reign were finally over.


5/19/2006 5:11 AM  

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