Canadians learn that terrorism affects them also: Support for troops in Afghanistan goes up


Anonymous Anonymous said...

the problem is most canadians have forgoten what it is like to take a stand against the forces that threaten them very few of the youth of today even think of enlisting even if it just in the millata and fewer still go reg force this is a real shame comsidering durring ww2 canada had the 3 largest navy and the 4th largest army and in korea contribited thusands of troups but in 09 peater waterhole aka peair trudue came to power gutted the armed forces and stared teaching canada young they would be suckers to go into thrcaf and froze recuting for many years as a ex seafoth i do suport the troops and i hop the harper goverment can hold on long enough to finally get the rcaf the gear they have need for years

6/20/2006 1:43 AM  

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