Gun Crime in Scotland

Guns replacing knives at the sharp end of city gang culture (Edinburgh, Scotland)

Note the connection to illegal drugs. Thanks to John Williamson for sending the link.


Anonymous Keith said...

It's interesting that the report mentions legally held guns twice (mostly shoguns) inferring that these are the source of the illegally held guns, but does not attempt any reconcilliation of figures.

how many (mandatory) gun safes have been forced open.

Number of guns taken (and value, are these best sidelock doules worth more than a house?)

Breakdown of type of guns used in crime

Breakdown of type of gun causing injury (was it indeed a side by side double loaded with No 7 shot? or had the stolen shotgun mysteriously turned into a 9mm pistol?)

I think this would show a very different picture to the one being painted by the reporter

6/15/2006 12:46 PM  

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