Wal-Mart Quickly Going Nutsy Politically Correct

Recently I noted how Wal-Mart had stopped selling guns at 1,000 stores. Now it is giving away free gun locks, moving away from free trade (at least on items that are not politically correct), and supporting minimum wage laws. With the Sam Walton family dying off, the new people who have taken control don't have the same values. On the so-called "fair trade coffee" issue, my rule is simply to buy the cheapest coffee, just as it doesn't make much sense to have customers of steel in the US pay higher prices just to protect jobs in some industries at the expense of jobs in others (e.g., cars and other companies that make things out of steel). If it turns out that Brazilian cooperatives produce the cheapest coffee, fine. But if that is the case, I don't understand why anything special needs to be made of the term "fair trade."

Gun locks available for free at Wal-Mart

For Wal-Mart, Fair Trade May Be More Than a Hill of Beans

Wal-Mart calls for minimum wage hike


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just sounds like they're being more sociall responsible after a years of plundering our lands. Bravo! eh?

6/13/2006 1:17 PM  

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