Are these the people who we want teaching our children?

Here are some of the political positions that the National Education Association is advocating (from Jason Riley at Political Diary):

-- a tax-supported, single-payer (i.e., Canadian-style) health care plan for all residents of the United States, its territories and the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico;
-- the return of a media "fairness doctrine," which muted broadcast competition for decades;
-- "reproductive freedom";
-- a national holiday honoring Cesar Chavez;
-- a nuclear freeze;
-- a moratorium on capital punishment at the state and federal levels;
-- "U.S. participation in and equitable financing of the United Nations and related bodies";
-- "a progressive tax system," and -- was there ever a doubt -- "restoring the estate tax."

I also heard a week or so ago that they came out for recognizing same sex marriage. My question is: which ones of these positions are related to their teaching jobs?


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