Democrats attacks on Lieberman are getting funnier and funnier

Are these Democrats serious? Possibly after John Kerry's sharp attack on Lieberman yesterday, this was to be expected.

Critics of Sen. Joe Lieberman's independent run to keep his job attacked on two fronts Monday, with one group asking an elections official to throw him out of the Democratic Party and a former rival calling on state officials to keep his name off the November ballot.

Staffers for Lieberman, who lost the Aug. 8 Democratic primary to Greenwich businessman Ned Lamont, called both efforts dirty politics. The senator filed as an independent candidate a day after the loss, running under the new Connecticut for Lieberman party.

A group whose members described themselves as peace activists asked Sharon Ferrucci, New Haven's Democratic registrar of voters, to remove Lieberman from the party, arguing that he cannot be a Democrat while running under another party's banner.

The request could lead to a hearing in which Lieberman, the Democrats' vice presidential nominee in 2000, would have to argue that he still adheres to the party's principles.

"The law is pretty clear he is no longer a member of the Democratic Party in good standing," said group leader Henry Lowendorf. "There was an open vote and he was voted out. He joined a different party."

Ferrucci said she would research the request, the first of its kind in her two decades on the job. . . . .


Blogger saturdaynightspecial said...

Did Lieberman criticize Rumsfeld about the war ? Hillary did the same cheap shot - use Rummy as a scapegoat. Bush is to blame for Iraq, not any other person. Lieberman does not respect the Establishment clause - he needs to go - I hope he's gone. He's the same as Hillary; she defended the war from the green zone, but today, several months later, she blames Rumsfeld for poor results in Iraq.
Barack Obama (D) is in Africa; for what? Africans didn't elect him. Senators are hallucinating over their duties to the US. He looks just like a TuTu. He's another product of Harvard law school that will help turn the US into a socialist/police state. Africa needs to learn to carry it's own weight - too many US dollars leave the country for Iraq and Africa. America's poor are financing global problems - crazy. Why do Bill Gates and U2 aid Africa when their own countries could use the help ? We strengthen other countries at our own expense and detriment. Bye-bye Lieberman - who's next?

8/22/2006 4:11 AM  
Blogger John Lott said...

Yes, it is amazing that Lieberman can also criticize the Bush administration to presumably keep Dems happy and he still doesn't make these critics happy.

I don't like Obama, though this discussion is not appropriate.

8/22/2006 7:49 AM  
Blogger saturdaynightspecial said...

My point is about the folly and hypocrisy of democrats such as Lieberman, Obama and Clinton. Their details are typical. I think it's funny Obama is in Africa, and how Clinton can change up without anyone noticing - the attacks on Lieberman, by democrats, are just as funny.

8/23/2006 6:08 AM  

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