"Cab driver shoots would-be robber"

Shreveport, Louisiana
A Shreveport teenager remains hospitalized after police say he was shot several times by a Casino Cab driver Saturday night.

"With one of them not having a mask on at all, having his face completely exposed, I felt as they were going to get my money and kill me," said the cab driver who asked not to be identified.

Detectives say the cab driver was called to the 3500 block of Ninock Street to pick up a fare. They say Arthur Joseph, 20, got into the back driver-side seat. Seconds later, another man wearing a mask over his face got into the back passanger-side seat, pointed a gun at the driver and demanded money.

The driver pulled out his handgun and opened fire. "I came up with my 9mm and started shooting. I shot him five times," he said.

The wounded would-be robber was identified as Alexander Johnson, 18. He was rushed to the hospital and is listed in good condition.

Detective Chris Yarborough says when he interviewed Johnson, the teen was awake, very coherent and very talkative. "I got a full confession from him," Yarborough said.

Police say the teens also confessed to trying to rob another cab driver earlier the same night, but that planned failed when the driver got spooked and didn't stop. An hour later, the second driver was called. "They intended on robbing someone that night. They just got into the wrong cab," the driver said. . . .


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