"First-Grader Suspended Over Plastic Squirt Gun"

If you look at a picture of the gun that accompanies this article, it is almost hard to instantly recognize it as a toy gun. The orange color and design make it look almost as if it were a bloob of plastic.

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A Missouri mother is angry that her first-grader was suspended from school over a plastic toy gun.

"I asked her, 'You're going to suspend my son for 10 days for this? He cannot harm a soul with this,'" said Danielle Womack, whose son, Tawann Caskey, was suspended from Milton Moore Elementary School in Kansas City. Tawann was suspended over a 2-inch plastic squirt gun.

"She told me it's a weapon, a little girl saw it and reported to a teacher that he had a weapon," Womack said. According to Kansas City, Mo., School District policy, the squirt gun is a simulated weapon and a class IV, which is the most serious school offense. Principals claim to have no discretion in cases like Tawaan's. It is an automatic 10-day suspension. "We ask our principals for safety of students and staff, and we do follow the code of conduct and do not give exceptions to Class IV offenses. We take it very seriously," the school district's Phyllis Budesheim said.

The incident will stay on Tawann's permanent school record. But Womack said her son does not understand why he's not in school. "I think this could have been resolved in a different way. It's wrong to bring it school, but come on, he's 6 years old. This would not hurt a soul," Womack said. The school district said it is all policy -- one that the school told students and parents about at the start of the year. . . .

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Blogger Minny said...

That's a a crazy ruling by the school given the young age of the kid. Also the gun didn't even look metallic or consist of a colour that a real gun would have. The relevant authority figure surely should have exercised some common sense in this matter.

9/24/2006 12:52 PM  
Blogger saturdaynightspecial said...

Nothing new here; same thing can happen if your kid is found with peptobismol tablet in his pocket.

You get five days for placing your hand into the shape of a handgun and pointing it at another. Thank you Brady bunch.

As a 4 year old I had a fine collection of revolvers, lever action rifles and assault rifles ( all capable of assault.) I was accurate and quick to draw and ask questions later. I openly carried wherever I went and learned important principles mostly from the Lone Ranger. The entire community had me on a watch list.

But be advised some schools do exercise common sense.

9/25/2006 3:02 AM  

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