Women Use Guns to Defend Themselves

1) "Granny bar owner chases off armed robber with her own gun"
MIDLAND, Pennsylvania - So this guy with a sawed-off shotgun walks into Josephine's bar and restaurant in Midland around 9 p.m. Wednesday.

But the punch line is: The bar's owner, 82-year-old Josephine Slater, had a gun of her own and ordered him out of her Midland Avenue bar with just a few bucks in hand. . . .

"I don't take anything from anybody," Slater, of Ohioville, said Thursday afternoon, seemingly proud and embarrassed at the same time about all the attention she's getting. "I'm not taking anything from these druggies. I try to run a decent place."

Midland police apparently had a suspect in mind for the robbery, but hadn't charged anyone as of Thursday evening. Midland Police Chief Ronald Bongivengo did not return a phone message seeking additional information.

Slater, who at 5-feet-2-inches tall stands chest high to the bar, said it's the first time in the 30 years she's owned the establishment that she's been robbed. One patron said that's because she runs a tight ship there. . . .

2) "Woman fights off 2 masked robbers"
Pittsburgh --Dan Brown said he's not too surprised his 110-pound wife, Sheri, held her own Friday when two masked men attempted to rob the family's Fayette County auto repair shop.
The couple, both in their 30s and married 17 years, opened DSB Auto Service four years ago on Three Mile Hill, Bullskin Township, not far from Mt. Pleasant.

They had no trouble with crime until Friday.

Shortly after Dan Brown left the family business at 10 a.m., his wife was confronted by two masked thieves who pulled up to the garage and demanded money.

State police at Uniontown said the victim "chased off the actors" after a brief struggle. "There was a big guy and a small guy. She was alone when they came up to her and told her to give them all the money. She grabbed a pole we use to prop up a car hood and smacked the big one. He then hit her in the head, but she was able to get away," Brown said. "She started throwing chairs and stuff in front of her to keep them away from her while she tried to get to the office.

"She got there and pulled out the gun we keep in the drawer for protection."

As soon as the mother of two pulled out the family's .357-caliber Magnum, the thieves fled, Dan Brown said. The suspects did not display a weapon, he said. . . .


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