Double standard on sex scandals?

The Washington Post has an excellent article on sex scandals in Washington and that Republicans who do it face a much worse future than Democrats. You should read the piece, but here is the explanation that they offer:

"The reality is that Democrats seem to get away with more," says Chuck Todd, editor in chief of the Hotline, a daily political journal. "They can have an affair and bail [themselves] out. There's a lower threshold for Republicans. I guess it's more of a hypocrisy thing," he adds, because such scandals put Republicans at odds with the party's socially conservative image.

Todd thinks he knows who's to blame for this: "It's the media, to be honest. What is the standard 'gotcha' story in the media? It's hypocrisy. If we can prove hypocrisy, we have a story. . . . So in a sex scandal, the bar for Republicans is lower." . . .

So how does this apply to Foley who was fairly widely known as being homosexual? He was strongly in favor of abortion and held liberal social views in other areas. If we accept the Post's excellent evidence that Republicans are treated differently this doesn't answer the question.

But it's tough to blame the media when it's the electorate that determines who stays and who goes. . . .

True, but if you look at the level of publicity in these cases, my guess is that they aren't even close.


Blogger Justin said...

"I guess it's more of a hypocrisy thing ... because such scandals put Republicans at odds with the party's socially conservative image."

Sounds about right to me. Republicans are always pointing fingers at everyone else and positioning themself as the party of morals and "family values."

Naturally, hypocritical stances—such as cheating on your wife while attacking someone for cheating on their wife, or soliciting sex from children over the internet whilst writing legislation to protect children from sexual predaters on the internet—are going to be bigger news.

NONE of this is OK. But I don't think it's surprising that hypocrites get hit harder than those who aren't moral crusaders, or that someone trying to have sex with children is going to get hit harder than someone engaging in a consensual adult affair.

10/03/2006 6:01 PM  
Blogger Justin said...

For example: I would pay much more attention to a story about a public gun control advocate getting caught with an illegal gun—which happened recently—than I would to a story about Joe Schmoe getting caught with an illegal gun. The crime itself is unremarkable, it's the hypocrisy that attracts my attention (and my outrage).

It's the same reason I reserve a special hatred for pro-gun control judges and politicians who themselves have pistol permits.

10/03/2006 6:17 PM  
Blogger saturdaynightspecial said...

Rock-throwing can be worse than the immoral or criminal conduct.

Denny Hastert is being attacked so much you would think he is the perpetrator. I would say democrats knew more about this than Hastert did, and knew it long before Haster did. They held on to it to snitch just before elections.

We need to discover who knew it first and ask them why they didn't go to the newsmedia. If all this stuff is so bad why didn't someone report Foley to the FBI or the State's Attorney.

Republicans and democrats are no different. Democrats are tax-and-spenders that can't wait to ban trans fats from grocery shelves. Republicans are willing to spend $billions to rid the world of the bogeyman. Both need to learn the government that governs least is the best government.

10/05/2006 1:53 AM  

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