"Women take aim"

13 News talked with women about why some feel the need to carry, and know how to wield, a weapon. "I would like to be able to defend myself if I ever have to," says Susan Wallace, who attended Monday's gun orientation. "The more you know about them, the less scary they are," says Joellen Foster, who also attended the event. Owning a gun can give women a sense of empowerment and protection, if they know how to use it properly.

"When it's used properly and safely, is something that's a very valuable tool and its an excellent means of personal protection," says Erin Gerety, who works with the Kaw Valley Gun Club and teaches the training class. Setting your sites on a 9 millimeter handgun can trigger feelings of fear and power. But the goal of the classes is to move the target from just owning a handgun, to knowing how to use it. "You need to know how to use it, or you may end up getting hurt," Wallace says. . . . .

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Blogger saturdaynightspecial said...

Women were the worst victims of gun bans. Women should have always been advised of the value and benefits of arming themselves.

I'm not an expert on anything: when someone at least your size or bigger becomes physically and or orally offensive then immediately put your hand on your weapon; if he makes another, even slight, move toward you then show it to him; if he continues moving closer then point it right at him - one more inch closer then shoot him three times. And that is how Stand-Your-Ground law should be.

We have lost our dignity because of gun bans; getting in someones face should be risky behaviour.

And people who claim to be unarmed but are walking their large size dog (usually without a leash)are not unarmed if they are behaving in an offensive manner (offensive meaning assaultive or like a military assault on a target or objective.) It don't matter if they have no firearm.

10/26/2006 2:46 PM  

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