Benefits from Smoking

Fox News has a funny discussion here: Smoking increases testosterone and makes men more virile. Generally it is useful in preventing the onslaught of "Man'opause." The number one reason that men have less testosterone then their fathers is because of a decrease in smoking. Smoking thus helps increase memory, muscle mass, and a whole string of other things.


Blogger saturdaynightspecial said...

Any politician even suggesting a tax on tobacco should be blacklisted. Congress should pass a federal law prohibiting tobacco taxes of any type at any level - it should be enforced by the threat of federal troops.

I urge all farmers to resist growing alternative crops, and to resume or continue to cultivate and grow tobacco as has been done here for over 400 years.

We should also prohibit by law any tariff on the importation of tobacco or tobacco products, especially Cuban cigars.

Tobacco growers should advertise their harvests (and it's tradition) on broadcast tv.

Leaders of the tobacco industry should donate outside smoking shelters allowing smokers, especially cigar afficianados, a place to smoke out of the elements. In the warm south smokers should be able to smoke in a rain free, shaded shelter. In the colder north smokers should be free to smoke sheltered from the wind and rain or snow.

The cigar should be made the American symbol of US grown tobacco. Kentucky Twist should be offered in a sweet sugar free variety. And the tobacco industry, like Harley Davidson, should promote an in-your-face campaign directed at the States most hostile towards the consumption of tobacco (to remind of what can happen when freedoms are abandoned). A cigar smoke filled room is a room that reminds of our rich deep history. Any real celebration always is performed with the presence of cigars.

A large window size poster honoring Americans who have symbolized the little things that make our country great: Ann Coulter cradling her Kentucky long rifle: Arnold Schwarzenneger to her right holding an oversized billowing cigar and Rush Limbaugh to her left puffing away with shirt pocket overfilled with more varieties of US made cigars.

Any "good" American (worth his salt) knows enough to "lite-up" at the sound of 'America the Beautiful.' To remember our by-gone era of freedom is to lite-up: to honor freedom one must nestle a cigar between it's teeth: to demand it's return we must once again learn to swell our cheeks with Kentucky Twist. And to know freedom like no other is to gaze at Ruth or Cobb crunching away on one of nature's greatest spice - tobacco. Tobacco is never to be trampled - and always to be honored.


11/19/2006 3:41 AM  
Blogger Mark said...

I think you mean "virile", not "viral".

11/20/2006 1:10 PM  

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