"Nevada state senator proposes letting teachers carry guns"

Will someone please explain to me why the discussion of what might happen completely ignores the actual historical experience that we have had with teachers and others being able to carry guns on school property? Utah, Oregon? What about all those right-to-carry states that allowed people to carry concealed handguns prior to the end of 1995?

LAS VEGAS (AP) - A Nevada state senator and also-ran in this year's Republican primary for governor says the Legislature should consider letting teachers carry guns in classrooms to stem a rise in school violence.

"I would expect enough teachers would be interested so it would serve as a deterrent," said Sen. Bob Beers, R-Las Vegas. He said he's preparing a bill to introduce when state lawmakers convene in February.

While Beers said teachers would have to undergo firearm safety training, Las Vegas-area school officials said that allowing more weapons on campus would make schools less safe.

"The more people who have guns, the more likely it is that there will be a shootout," said Clark County school Superintendent Walt Rulffes. He told the Las Vegas Review-Journal he was aware of no studies supporting Beers' argument that schools would be safer if teachers carried guns.

School trustee Sheila Moulton said teachers might need more training to identify and deal with potentially violent students. But she rejected the idea of arming teachers.

"That is not the solution," Moulton said. "I'm not for putting guns in the classroom even when teachers are trained on how to use them." . . .

Thanks to Saturdaynightspecial for alerting me to this.

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Anonymous MIke said...

As a high school teacher, I know that it will take at least two or three terrorist attacks on American schools, ala Beslan before this rational idea is properly considered. Mores the pity. Those opposing it apparently fail to realize (or choose to ignore) than this policy is for the worst case scenario, when the terrorists have breached whatever pathetic locks or other security most schools have, and are on their way to the classrooms to murder children. In those circumstances, all that will stand between them and the children will be school staff. Do we want them to be able to protect the lives of children or not?

12/16/2006 10:17 PM  
Blogger saturdaynightspecial said...

This may help to repeal the federal law 'Gun Free Safe School Zone Act' (TITLE 18 > PART I > CHAPTER 44 > ยง 922(q))

School zones and their 1,000 foot perimeter are everywhere. It is nearly impossible to avoid them, especially during hunting season.

http://www.packing.org/state/documents/all_united_states_phpPCT9qK_batf_school_zone.pdf (applies to non-residents)

The people who are responsible for restrictive gun law are usually the ones who know the least about guns. Because of multiple layers of gun laws it is prudent for any person considering purchasing a gun to consult a lawyer before ever buying a gun.

12/17/2006 6:05 AM  
Blogger saturdaynightspecial said...

The British are having enough of the qwacks who make their law. They have discovered a new legal weapon to stop a "hoodie" (thug).


12/19/2006 10:56 PM  

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