Ex-Education Secretary in Britain in Trouble for Sending Son to Private School

This is depressing that equality is so deeply engrained in Britain that this woman is attacked for doing what is best for her learning disabled son. The worse aspect of this is that even she is unwilling to entertain the possibility that argument over quality applies to other types of schooling as well.

Ex-Education Secretary Ruth Kelly has defended her decision to send her son, who has "substantial learning difficulties", to a private school.

She said she removed her son from a state school after professional advice recommended he be placed in a school "able to meet his particular needs".

Ms Kelly said the local authority accepted the advice, but she had not asked for any help in meeting the cost.

She said: "I, like any mother, want to do the right thing for my son."

"I appreciate that some will disagree with my decision. I understand why, but we all face difficult choices as parents." . . . . .


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not just in England are the leftists getting into trouble regarding sending their kids to private schools and in the same time, denouncing them.
In Austria the new PM Gusenbauer, who belongs to the Socialist Party and was a communist, sends his daughter, who isnt disabled or anything, to a private school, but in the same time calls for the destruction of private schools in Austria.
The discussion is that when someone is against something, one should at least stand to it all the way.
I was myself educated in a private school and I can tell you that it was the best thing that happened in my life.
I am not against politicans sending their children to private schools, but at least have the decency to say that private schools are good and you dont want to introduce laws to scrap them.

1/12/2007 9:37 AM  

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