Hillary Clinton gets National Anthem wrong

Youtube (via Drudge) has a recording of Hillary singing the National Anthem. I don't know how important this is or even if it is important at all, but I am pretty sure from what few words you can hear from Hillary singing that she got one of the words wrong. (The Drudge report doesn't explicitly note that this happened.) Simply out of academic curiosity, it would have been interesting to hear more than part of just two lines from the song. She should have sung:

"O say, does that star-spangled banner yet wave"

But she seems to be singing:

"O say, does our star-spangled banner yet wave"

All I can say is that if it were Bush or Quayle making such a mistake, they would get all sorts of grief. My guess is that this will get as much coverage as Al Gore misidentifying Thomas Jefferson's bust soon after he was elected to be vice president. On the other hand, the Drudge Report probably took the right and honorable route and did not make an issue at all of the mistake, though I suspect that they could have done so if they wanted to. The Drudge Report didn't even raise the issue of the mistake.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Of course she didn't get criticized for it. There is no hypocisy in a Marxist flubbing the National Anthem. Now, if she bungled the Internationale, that would be scandalous. Her friends in Hollywood wouldn't speak to her for a week.

1/28/2007 5:54 PM  

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