State Legislators and University of Utah Negotiate Exceptions to Where Guns can be on University Property

Finally, someone asks the right question: show us an "actual problem" with people legally carrying a concealed handgun.

Those exceptions would have allowed institutions to restrict the carrying of concealed weapons in athletics venues; places where large numbers of students gather, such as student unions; classrooms and other academic areas; faculty offices; and dormitories. Legislative negotiators rejected the first three exceptions, Mr. Bell said, but agreed to the other two provisions, provided that faculty members be given the option to permit visitors to bring concealed firearms into their offices. . . . .

Clark Aposhian, chairman of Utah's Department of Public Safety Concealed Carry Review Board, told The Salt Lake Tribune that "until any entity including universities can show me an actual problem and then show me how banning firearms would solve that problem, I'm not inclined to support any type of ban." . . . .

Paid subscription required for this link at the “Chronicle of Higher Education." Thanks very much to Rich for sending this to me.

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Anonymous Jeff said...

I have no idea why the Utah legislators are negotiating with the U of U.

1. The issue is well defined in the state constitution and state law.
2. I believe the state supreme court ruled on the issue.

2/05/2007 2:37 PM  

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