Student prevented from graduating because she referred to Jesus in her commencement talk

This punishment seems a little extreme to me. I don't understand how a school can prohibit such speach by a student to begin with, but this punishment seems out of scale to the "crime."

DENVER — A student who said she was told she wouldn't get her diploma unless she apologized for a commencement speech in which she mentioned Jesus has filed a lawsuit alleging her free speech rights were violated.

The school district contends its actions were "constitutionally appropriate."

Erica Corder was one of 15 valedictorians at Lewis-Palmer High School in 2006. . . .

What is it with "15 valedictorians"? About the only way I can see you getting 15 valedictorians is if they all had straight "A's," and that implies that these classes give just too many A's. After all, many of these 15 valedictorians must have been taking honors and AP classes together. Suppose you have 25 students in an AP class. How many A's would you have to give out so that there will end up being 15 students all together who get straight A's.


Anonymous Nimrod45 said...

Well, she obviously knew she was doing something "wrong", because she didn't include the comments in her prior rehearsals. The argument is, of course, whether or not the school board has the authority to restrict the speech of valedictorians in this manner. Unless they say something completely slanderous or inflamatory, I would say "NO".

Then again, you really can't stop them from saying whatever they like once they are at the podium...

9/02/2007 6:41 PM  

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