Follow up coverage on the Gun Free Zone Multiple Victim Public Shootings

Jason Lewis on KTLK has some very useful discussions here and here. Jason has designated me the "resident scholar at radio free Minnesota." I am honored to have this new line on my CV.

Instapundit has a discussion here.

If you can listen to Dennis Prager's and Lars Larson's shows from Thursday, I strongly advise people to do it. They both had great shows. Dennis Prager suggested this sign during our discussion:

One thing that was stated on Dennis' show was: could you imagine how different the debate on guns today if the media kept on reporting the fact that there was another shooting in a gun free zone?

See also Clayton Cramer, Michael Bane, Wayne's Dirty Lab, Keep and Bear Arms,Freespeech, Liberty Zone, Plains Feeder, From the Heartland, Armed Canadian, Three Dogs and a Camera, Buckhorn Road, Free Libertarian, IFCONFIG, Northern Muckraker, News by Us, James Taranto, Dustin's Gun Blog, A Deo et Rege, and Pat Dollard. Some discussion on this can be found here, here, and here.

Some malls have learned their lesson and taken down these "no gun" signs.

Thanks also to Andrew Breitbart for helping to publicize the gun free zone point.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, life is much safer in places where anyone can carry and use a gun at any time, like Iraq, or Afghanistan...

12/07/2007 1:25 PM  
Anonymous hecate said...

Westroads Mall has taken down their "Code Of Conduct" signs that prohibited weapons. No new signs have so far appeared. It will be interesting to see what the new rules look like.


Also read the account of someone who was there and could have stopped the criminal had he not obeyed the "No weapons" rule.

12/10/2007 10:59 AM  
Anonymous Tired of Ignorance said...

To anonymous poster on 12/07/2007: Your ignorant argument holds absolutely no water, whatsoever. Iraq and Afghanistan are WAR ZONES! How do you not get that those situations are COMPLETELY different than what happens here in the U.S. when law abiding citizens carry?! You cannot possible be that stupid. God, I hope not. And if you are, I sincerely hope you are not voting.

12/21/2007 5:35 AM  

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