Very lively debate on Supreme Court Gun Ban Case

Last week I had a debate with Richard French on the Regional News Network, which is in New York, Connecticut, and New Jersey. I believe that you can watch the debate here, though I can't seem to get it to work because it apparently doesn't work with Macs. If that doesn't wok, you could try this and search under "John Lott."

P.S. I have both Windows Media 7 for the Mac and I have tried with both Firefox and Safari, but failed to get this work. If any readers could help me out with the exact link (assuming that I got it wrong), please let me know.

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Anonymous Fred Miller, Mililani, HI said...

I couldn't get the first link to work either. Second link works fine. Scroll down to the middle of the list of videos that appear.

The guy who interviewed Dr. Lott is an idiot. He quotes several people who gloomily predict, "This COULD happen and that COULD happen". He never presents any facts, just predictions of gloom and doom. I hope he either doesn't live in D.C. or never has anyone break into his house.

12/03/2007 2:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Linux/Firefox doesn't work for me either.

I ended up going here...


...and scrolling down the list of French vids until I found the "DC Gun Ban" episode.

12/03/2007 3:26 PM  
Blogger Kris said...

It seems to have been pushed off the list, and I failed to search for it. Lame.

12/05/2007 2:53 PM  

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