Appearance on Roger Hedgecock's Show on Tuesday

It was fun to be on Roger's show again. We talked about the problems with gun free zones. You can listen to an MP3 of the show here. While all of Roger's show is interesting, the interview with me only starts about half way through the file.

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Appearing on G. Gordon Liddy Show

I will be on the G. Gordon Liddy Show later today from noon to 1 PM. We are going to be talking primarily about the Northern Illinois University attack.



Busy Day on the Radio

I will be on WGN in Chicago with John Williams at 2:07 CST (rescheduled for 10:15 AM CST tomorrow). I will be on Michael Graham show's on 96.9 WTKK in Boston at 5:20 EST. KMOX (again) 11:10 PM CST, or 12:10 AM Saturday EST. This morning I have already done stations such as KMOX and KGO.



MP3s of Dennis Miller and Liddy Show Interviews

For those interested, you can listen to my interview on Dennis Miller's show today here. An interview that I had with on the G. Gordon Liddy Show can be found here (the interview is about half way through the file).


Appearing on G. Gordon Liddy Show

I will be on Liddy's Show today just after 12:30 PM EST. we will be talking about the DC gun ban case before the Supreme Court.



Appearance on Dennis Miller Show

I will be on Dennis Miller's Show tomorrow at 10:35 AM EST. For some places where the show airs delayed, that is during the first hour of the show.



Talks in California this next Week

The beginning of this next week will be busy with several talks in California. The two big talks are the Commonwealth Club at the Menlo Park City Council Chambers – 701 Laurel Street – Menlo Park on Wednesday, February 6th and the Conservative Forum on Tuesday, February 5th. You can find more on the Conservative Forum here.

As part of all this, I will also be doing an interview on KSFO at 6 PM (PDT) on Monday.

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I will be on Ron Smith's Show on WBAL at 3:35 PM

I has been a busy day with radio interviews, primarily talking about my op-ed on the stimulus package. One of the shows that I did earlier was Greg Garrison's show on WIBC in Indianapolis, which is always a fun show to be on.



KTLK with Jason Lewis

I will be on KTLK in Minneapolis with Jason Lewis at 6:05 CST, probably for the entire hour.

UPDATE: You can listen to the interview with Jason here.



Interview on WJR sometime between 8 and 9 PM Sunday

I will be interviewed for about 20 minutes to discuss the DC gun ban case before the Supreme Court.



Appearing on Radio Shows this Morning

I was on some shows yesterday (Lars Larson was nice enough to have me on his show at 6;20 PM EST). Today I will be on Kirby Wilbur's show out of Seattle on KVI at 10:00 AM EST and G. Gordon Liddy's show at 11 AM EST.

I will be talking about my piece on the DC gun ban case that appeared at NRO yesterday.



Appearance from Thursday on The Greg Knapp Experience

"Lou Pate filling in for Greg talks to John Lott about why what Congress did yesterday would NOT have stopped the VA Tech shooting." For a copy of the interview go here.



Very lively debate on Supreme Court Gun Ban Case

Last week I had a debate with Richard French on the Regional News Network, which is in New York, Connecticut, and New Jersey. I believe that you can watch the debate here, though I can't seem to get it to work because it apparently doesn't work with Macs. If that doesn't wok, you could try this and search under "John Lott."

P.S. I have both Windows Media 7 for the Mac and I have tried with both Firefox and Safari, but failed to get this work. If any readers could help me out with the exact link (assuming that I got it wrong), please let me know.

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MP3 of Interview with Kirby Wilbur on Seattle's KVI

Kirby WIlbur was nice enough to have me on his radio show on Friday. A MP3 of an interview can be found here. Go to a little past the half way point in the mp3.

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Radio Interview with Jason Lewis on KTLK

An MP3 of the radio interview on Freedomnomics and other issues is available here.



Hugh Hewitt's Show at 8:35 PM EDT

I will be on Hewitt's show tonight to talk about the Oregon teacher who wants to have a gun for self protection.

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Big Radio Interview Tomorrow on Freedomnomics: Mark Levin at 7:30 PM

I will be on Mark Levin's great radio show at 7:30 PM EDT on Friday.

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G. Gordon Liddy radio show on Monday Morning

I will be on the G. Gordon Liddy radio show at 10 AM on Monday, September 24th.



Appearance on Lars Larson Radio Show

I will be on the Lars Larson radio show at 6:20 PM today.



Glenn Beck's Radio Show (Updated)

I am supposed to be on Glenn Beck's Radio show at 10:35 AM EDT on Thursday.

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Audio from interview Dennis Miller Radio Show

The audio of my interview from the Dennis Miller Radio show can be found here.

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MP3 of my interview with Mark Levin last Tuesday

The audio of my interview this last week Mark Levine's can be found here. The interview is at the beginning of the second hour, in the middle of the program.



On the G. Gordon Liddy Show tomorrow

I will be on the G. Gordon Liddy Show at 11:30 AM Wednesday morning.