So how will they catch cheating on tests now?

Has it just become nearly impossible to catch cheaters on tests? Will students have to have their eyes examined before taking the SATs? Foxnews has the following:

Scientists have taken the first step toward creating digital contact lenses that can zoom in on distant objects and display useful facts. For the first time, engineers have installed an electronic circuit and lights on a regular contact lens.

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Anonymous Steve B said...

Dr. Ray Kurzweil wrote "The Singularity is Near" a few years ago. In it, he describes an exponential acceleration in the rate of technological change that we have already begun. This rapidly accelerating rate of change will culminate in the end of biological evolution and the beginning of the age of machines - including our very bodies.

He argues that faster/smaller chips will soon enable machines to out strip our brains and eventually dwarf them. According to him, the transformation has already begun in the form of better and better prosthetics, brain implants, hearing aids etc. (And now, eye improvements!)

Eventually, he argues, biological bodies will become obsolete. Then, they will be replaced with bionics first and then 100% machine.

It may sound alarming at first, but it actually sounds plausible and even desirable after reading the book!

1/20/2008 7:46 PM  

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