"Professor Wants Right To Carry"

Dorn Peterson, an avid shooter with a valid Virginia concealed-handgun permit, travels to JMU's campus almost every weekday for his job as a physics professor. But he can't bring his gun with him.
I wish that I could understand why there is such strong opposition to even professors carrying concealed handguns on university property. This article provides an example of one professor who would be willing to bear the cost of carrying in order to be able to protect others. It also provides no explicit evidence why people should be fearful of him carrying his gun with him.

He said he favors broader legislation allowing those with concealed-handgun permits to carry guns at colleges and other places, including government office buildings, that aren't specifically outlined in the Virginia laws.

Peterson said he would rather see a legislator vote on the matter rather than have an "unelected bureaucrat" make the decision for him.

"The president of the university is unelected," Peterson said. "Why should he be able to override the legislature?"

Peterson said that law-abiding citizens should have the right to defend themselves and, in some cases, help minimize shooting sprees like the one at Virginia Tech.

"It helps defend everybody," Peterson said. "If somebody had been prepared and carrying, this guy wouldn't have been able to go around and kill people after he chained the door."

People with the proper firearms training who get a permit are not the ones who shouldn't be allowed to carry guns, he said.

"I understand that people that aren't around guns are upset about the concept, but people that plan ahead and get the training are less likely to commit a crime," said Peterson.

Thanks very much to Scott Davis for sending this link to me.

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Anonymous MoreBalance said...

Speaking of gun toting college professors:


MIT professor faces charge he staged own shooting

CAMBRIDGE, Massachusetts (Reuters) - A former professor at the elite Massachusetts Institute of Technology, one of the leading U.S. science universities, went on trial on Monday in a case that hinges on whether he shot himself and attempted to frame his son in a long-running family feud.

The case of John J. Donovan, who taught business at MIT for three decades until leaving in 1997 to found a consulting firm, has attracted attention because of his connection to the prestigious school and his prominence as an expert on business and technology.

1/18/2008 9:20 AM  
Blogger The Green Gun said...

Thanks for posting this. I work at a state school in VA and I have been following the issue. I too, am legally able to carry concealed off campus, but I loose my ability to do so once I come here. I can't even bring my gun with me and leave it locked in my car during the day.

More than just being protected on campus, the current regulations prevent me from protecting myself when I go home at night! The campus police might be around when I'm on campus, but where are they when I'm at my front door?

1/18/2008 9:53 AM  

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