More on eliminating gun free zones on campuses

Neil Cavuto has a segment on it here.

ABC News GMA has a discussion here.

I guess that I don't know why the proponents of letting concealed handguns on campus (particularly in the Cavuto interview) don't address the objections more directly. In particular, the concern about the risks of something bad happening. Why not simply point out that we have a lot of experience where permitted concealed handguns are allowed and yet no one can point to bad things happening. Point out that when these attacks have been stopped it usually is stopped without shots even being fired.

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Blogger Federal Farmer said...

John, you did a great job on the NPR 848 program. I was on hold to ask some questions but didn't get in.

They keep focusing on the guns. Now they want to tax guns and ammo to pay for the mentally ill.

They should tax the prescription drugs that seem to be the common factor here. Of course, that is a bigger foe to face than the "evil gun lobby."

As a Chicago resident, I've counter protested against Pfleger several times. The man has no real data to present. He is spouting from the same playbook as Helmke and ICHV. They are trotting out all of the same old gun control laws when in fact none of them would have applied in the NIU case.

2/18/2008 1:39 PM  
Blogger John Lott said...

Dear Federal Farmer:

Thanks very much for writing. I appreciate the feedback. The panel was a little lopsided with liberals and they didn't give me a chance at the end to conclude things, but I do appreciate the chance to speak.

2/18/2008 1:52 PM  
Blogger Federal Farmer said...

I thought that the psychologist (or was it a psychiatrist) and the therapist were not so biased.

I did feel the moderator was aligned pretty closely with Pfleger.

My wife (you met her at GRPC and helped her with the hotel printer, if you recall) was supposed to be on the panel but at the last moment they changed their minds. She is a hypnotherapist and is trying to focus on preventing the violence itself.

2/18/2008 2:10 PM  

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