Talk at the Heritage Foundation Today

I will be giving a talk today at the Heritage Foundation at noon on my new book Freedomnomics. It is my understanding that C-SPAN's Book TV will be covering the event for broadcast at a later date.

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Online discussion at the Washington Post Today

I just finished a long online discussion at the Washington Post. It was pretty draining to type up the answers to those 22 questions, but I hope that people find the discussion useful. Overall, I thought that the questions were very good. With almost 5,500 words of discussion (the equivalent of about 6 or so op-eds), there is a lot of material there. A link is also provided to an online discussion done by the Brady Campaign on the same issue.

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On CNN Tonight

I will be on Paula Zahn's show on CNN tonght sometime between 8 and 9 PM. The discussion will be on the school shootings.

UPDATE: The segment on CNN was canceled because none of the gun control groups that CNN contacted were willing to put someone on the show to debate me. CNN was only willing to put me on if they had someone from a gun control group to counter me. It was disappointing, but this is not something new. Gun control groups have done this before, and I assume it is just their attempt to keep me off the TV.

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Appearance on Sean Hannity's Show Today

I should be on Sean Hannity's show during the third hour today (between 5 and 6 PM). It is supposed to be short -- 10 minutes.

A copy of the interview is available here. Thanks to Jason Pye for sending this to me.



Radio appearance today at 5:20 PM

For those interested, I will be on Jerry Doyle's national radio show today at 5:20 EST. We will be discussing gun ownership.

UPDATE: RESCHEDULED for tomorrow at the same time.