New piece on shootings in gun free zones

My newest op-ed on the recent multiple victim shootings is up on National Review Online. From the piece:

These restrictions on guns in schools weren't always in place. Prior to the end of 1995 when the Safe School Zone Act was enacted, virtually all the states that allowed citizens, whether they be teacher or principles or parents, to carry concealed handguns let them carry them on school grounds. Even Minnesota used to allow this.

Some have expressed fears over letting concealed permit holders carry guns on school campuses, but over all the years that permitted guns were allowed on school property there is no evidence that these guns were used improperly or caused any accidents.

UPDATE: A Canadian reader writes: "I think the most effective sign to put on your yard to prevent problems is 'A Proud and Active Member of The National Rifle Association', that is for you folks down there. If I put it on my yard I'd get arrested for inciting hatred or threatening or something."

UPDATE: Another reader puts it very straightforwardly: "Since two of the three shootings were done with a police officer's weapon, I don't see how that makes a case for more gun control."

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