Self Defense Gun use in Memphis, TN (8/11)

A sanitation worker who unloaded six .357 Magnum slugs into an armed kidnapper won't be charged with a crime, officials said Wednesday.

And Jacob Evans didn't have a permit to carry the pistol, but won't be charged for that, either, officials said.

Dist. Atty. Gen. Bill Gibbons said the shooting was justifiable.

Under state law, he said, a person can't be charged with not having a gun permit if the gun is used in a justifiable self-defense.

And Evans -- an outspoken 59-year-old -- said he definitely feared for his life. . . .

Evans was jumped by two men as he drove up to his home in the 300 block of Edsel Tuesday after work.

The two forced him into his Lincoln Town Car and made him drive to a bank where they wanted him to withdraw $10,000.

One man went into the First Tennessee at 1200 S. Third to fetch a withdrawal slip and gave his pistol to his accomplice, who already had a .22-caliber rifle.

Evans -- who'd been robbed of $465 by the pair three weeks ago -- reached under his car seat, turned and emptied his newly bought pistol on his armed captor.

He tried to shoot the second man when he returned, but his gun jammed.

Evans said after he was robbed, he bought the handgun from a friend at a parking lot for $75 the next day.

A new .357 Magnum can run anywhere from $250 to $500. The sale to Evans wasn't illegal, officials said, though the weapon should eventually have been registered.

The gun cost only $75 because the cylinder was stuck. Evans said he used baby oil to loosen it, but it jammed after he reloaded it. . . .

Thanks to Jason Morin for sending this.

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