Weird University Professors -- 9-11 was a US Government Conspiracy

I realize that this has gotten some attention, but this interview is sufficiently amusing that I thought that I would put up a link to it.

Fox News has an interesting interview with the University of Wisconsin lecturer who thinks that 9-11 was staged by the US government. When asked about his qualifications for teaching a class on Islam he points to his research on 9-11, but then he also claims that his class is not on the 9-11 attack. he rest of the interview is really weird. I didn't know this but apparently there were no hijackers on the planes that crashed. Who knew? It is interesting to listen to him explain away the witnesses, the video tapes, and the passangers' telephone calls.


Blogger Dad29 said...


This is the UW-Madison which is trying to attract more out-of-state students...

8/05/2006 10:25 AM  
Blogger saturdaynightspecial said...

The best way to rule out a conspiracy by government is to make conspiracists appear insane or make the particular conspiracy theory appear rediculous.

Today, if you accuse government of spying on you (eavsdroping in your home) most won't respond by saying "what have you done" (implying you must be guilty of something;) they will think you to be crazy (a few may say you are wrong.) And that's how government wants people to react to conspiracy theories and theorists. Never forget who your worst enemy is, and why. And while you are at it - don't forget who it was (newsmedia), and how they made millions of Americans into gun phobes.

8/05/2006 2:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

SNS...I think the government is slipping a mind-control serum into the large amounts of bourbon you consume ;-)

8/07/2006 4:24 PM  
Blogger saturdaynightspecial said...

Most of the theories I've read are rediculous. But I have looked at film where it is clear 'it looks just like a controlled explosion/demolition.' And I am not saying there was dynamite planted, only that it looks convincing.

POPULAR MECHANICS magazine did an article on all the conspiracy theories but those theories were rediculous. Editors at PM magazine are obvious government cheerleaders.

Did our government antagonize Arab patriots, instigating the attacks, and sanction their activities here in the US, hoping they would attack the WTC again ? Yes. If you say no then you are blind and ignorant about US foreign policy in the Middle East.

Bush and Cheney were as far from the White House on 9/11 as they could get - the weather was perfect for novice pilots - airline pilots were groomed to leave cockpit doors open (a crime in Israel) - Clinton worked long and hard to ban guns (which banned them from pilots.) Bush would later lie about why they attacked us (for our freedom and our values, ie, our rock and roll.) They attacked because of the prolonged US diplomatic and military presence in the Middle East.

Why would government agents ignore reports of suspicious activity in the US ? Because every presidential administration had planned for 9/11 so that Bush could broaden the war on terror.

To this day the newsmedia will never tell the public about how antagonistic our US empire is to foreigners (the real reason terrorists attacked the WTC). But it won't hesitate to print rediculous conspiracy theories that even average minded people know are not true or plausible.

"We gottem on their last throes" and "If you don't vote for us, we'll get hit again" [Dick Cheney]

Bush, according to the newsmedia, is a genius; but Bush has only an average IQ. All of his ideas, and lies, are creating havoc in the Middle East and on our economy and have created alliances between Russia, China, Iran and others who have realized the real terrorist is the US Government.

Cheney is a liar, or is that accusation rediculous ? The government is our worst enemy. To eliminate Terror all you need to do is vacate the Middle East.

8/08/2006 6:36 AM  

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