Bloomberg taking away concealed handgun permits from New Yorkers

The city should slash the number of people who are allowed to carry concealed weapons, Mayor Bloomberg said yesterday.

"We've taken a look at it to see whether we couldn't have fewer," Bloomberg said. "I can tell you one thing: We will keep it to as a minimum as we possibly can."
Bloomberg added that he has asked Police Commissioner Ray Kelly to tackle the issue. . . . .

OK, Mayor name me one single case in NYC where a permit holder has caused a problem. The problem with NYC permits is that they are issued only to the most well to do people. 38,544 New York City residents have permits. Does Bloomberg ever bring up any evidence for his anti-gun positions?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Presumably, Mayor Bloomberg will give up his armed, taxpayer-provided police bodyguards, plus whomever else he pays for armed security out of his multi-billion dollar fortune, as a sign that no one in NYC need a concealed handgun for protection. It's the perfect illustration of liberal thought - brilliant ideas for everyone else except liberals to follow!

11/03/2006 11:18 AM  

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