Oh never mind, horror stories about the Antarctic ice caps melting aren't true

It goes to show you the problems with extrapolating out from short term trends:

Wingham et al. report that "overall, the data, corrected for isostatic rebound, show the ice sheet growing at 5 ± 1 mm year-1." To calculate the ice sheet's change in mass, however, "requires knowledge of the density at which the volume changes have occurred," and when the researchers' best estimates of regional differences in this parameter are used, they find that "72% of the Antarctic ice sheet is gaining 27 ± 29 Gt year-1, a sink of ocean mass sufficient to lower [authors' italics] global sea levels by 0.08 mm year-1." This net extraction of water from the global ocean, according to Wingham et al., occurs because "mass gains from accumulating snow, particularly on the Antarctic Peninsula and within East Antarctica, exceed the ice dynamic mass loss from West Antarctica." . . .

Contrary to all the horror stories one hears about global warming-induced mass wastage of the Antarctic ice sheet leading to rising sea levels that gobble up coastal lowlands worldwide, the most recent decade of pertinent real-world data suggest that forces leading to just the opposite effect are apparently prevailing, even in the face of what climate alarmists typically describe as the greatest warming of the world in the past two millennia or more.


Blogger saturdaynightspecial said...

It was the coolest summer for me: the beginning was hot but then cool occurred more than hot. And the most telltale was lake temperature: it was always too cold to swim, and this was unusual.

Everytime I traveled north it was too cool - for me the planet was cooling not warming. As I age I gain more arthritis; warming would be a dream come true.

All we need now is for a democrat victory in 2008 and I can guarantee the planet will warm. But if the highly unlikely occurs and a republican wins the presidency then the weather will stay cool, I will swim less, and only the event 'rumors' will occur, not the truth. So for the planet to be warming due to pollution the greenies must elect a democrat, and for that they are going to do all they can, otherwise they will be wrong.

So you see a democrat victory guarantees global warming. A republican victory guarantees cooling. Because of my health should I vote democrat ?

Or, what type of person counts penguins? Democrat or republican ? A increase in penguins means the planet is warming and vice versa. But does it depend on who counts ? On the other hand, does more ice reduce the population or increase it ? The answer depends on who answers it - democrat or republican. See, it's the next election that determines whether the planet warms or cools, or truth or lies.

11/20/2006 2:30 AM  

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