Senior Democrat Congressman Calls for Reinstating Military Draft

A senior House Democrat said Sunday he will introduce legislation to reinstate the military draft, asserting that current troop levels are insufficient to sustain possible challenges against Iran, North Korea and Iraq.

Rangle seems to have the notion that it is easier (read "cheaper") to expand the military with a draft. What he fails to understand is that while direct government expenditures will be lowered, you will be taking workers away from jobs where their value added to society is higher. You don't want to draft a surgeon who can earn $250,000 a year. People are paying him that much because they value what he produces so highly. The draft will make the country poorer. If you are worried that the size of the military is too small and you aren't getting enough recruits, increase their pay.


Blogger saturdaynightspecial said...

I thought this election was about Iraq. So why would a democrat want a draft. Looks to me those who voted democrat got more of the same. Or maybe it was an excuse to help democrats win. It can't be, democrats are anti-war.

Truth is Rangle wants a draft to generate more opposition to the war - at least that's what he tells us.

11/20/2006 2:38 AM  

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