Ohio concealed handgun permit holder stops robbery

Cleveland police said a suspected robber tried to hold up a barber shop Wednesday night, only to find the barber was armed. The attempted robbery happened at Ray & Wendell's Barber Shop on East 125th Street and Buckeye Avenue, NewsChannel5 reported.

Ray Williams and his customers said they cooperated as the suspect took their wallets and jewelry. However, Williams acted fast to protect his business and customers. He spoke exclusively to NewsChannel5.

"Guy came in with a ski mask and a gun and told everybody to give him their money and their wallets and jewelry, watches," Williams said. "As soon as he turned his head, you know what I'm saying, I just pulled out my gun and started firing."

The suspect is a 47-year-old Cleveland man who is being treated for his gunshot wound at Huron Road Hospital.

Police hope Williams' action sent a message to other robbers. . . .

For other comments on the story please see this discussion by Mike Kinsey.


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